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One regular class drop-in
Limit: 1 class per Week
Programs: One-Time Drop-In
LocationsCrossFit Old School
Endurance Program
CrossFit Endurance is a training program dedicated to improving performance in endurance sports or just recreational endurance, without a large volume of repetitive training. The $69 pays for a 21-Week program, beginning November 9 through the end of March 2021.  The program is designed to give you an accelerated overall fitness level while training all 3 metabolic pathways.

By Mid-March 2021, based upon your choice of length, the program will also prepare you for the following distances:  10K, Half-Marathon, Marathon and Ultra Marathon. 

This program is highly successful and proves that you do not need all the miles in order to train for a longer endurance goal.  The CF Endurance methodology not only improves your strength and speed, it reduces the chance of injury as well as boredom.
Limit: 3 classes per Week
Programs: CrossFit Endurance Program
LocationsCrossFit Old School
The Protocol program is 4 days and mandatory for everyone. This program is an opportunity to be coached by a Level 1 or Level 2 CrossFit Coach where you will learn the very basics of CrossFit as well as gain an understanding of good posture and position.  The $165 pays for Protocol and covers your entire first month.

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Limit: 4 classes per Week
Programs: Protocol
LocationsCrossFit Old School